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Enind Engenharia

ENIND Engenharia professionals outstanding characteristic is the technical differentiation in the development of design, construction and erection of generation, transmission and distribution installations as well as industrial plants.

Engaged to attend specific demands for each customers, taking into consideration different environments, expectations and necessities, the company provides optimized solutions and premium services.

The winning recipe is always:

  • Complying with the requirements agreed with the customer;
  • Ensuring that each supply is a reference for future businesses – reason for the high recurrence rate from customers we serve;
  • Complying with the Health and Safety requirements that guarantee the integrity of our employees, the main asset of a company differentiated by solutions and services provided;
  • Always following the legislation of the involved sectors, as well as ENIND own requirements and contractual obligations
    Taking responsibility for the environment and minimize the environmental impact in the activities;
  • Maintaining a continuous improvement process policy, measuring and acting on the effectiveness of each one of them;
  • Making commitments with certainty of capacity to honor them, preventing damage to the confidence conquered in the market

ENIND combines responsibility, technology, intelligence and versatility in accomplishing each task. In complement, spares no efforts to preserve quality, comply with the safety standards, respect the environment and guarantee customer satisfaction.

These tradition and credibility, conquered since 1992, make ENIND a reference in electrical & electromechanical engineering applied to energy and industry.

ENIND is recognized as high performer, since the company leadership, experienced in large size complexity projects, mobilizes immediately human and material resources necessary for agile, precise and high quality design and execution.

That’s because ENIND believes each enterprise is unique, being able to evaluate all the necessary variables of each project, which involves since careful regional weather analysis, logistics, qualification and specialization of human capital, up to the most suitable materials resources for each region.

Talent Development

Since the foundation in 1992, capacitation and awareness are the basis of ENIND routine.

Thanks to a well established Human Resources team and an experienced top management, all the necessities and training requests are identified and attended. Thus, the company ensures that the activities are performed in a competent way, with due techniques and well established procedures.

Both people and process demands are as well considered by the infrastructure management, objectifying ideal working conditions for each employee whether in the office workplace or in the sites.

Alexandre Ribeiro

Graduated in Electrical Engineering by Universidade Federal de Itajubá (MG) , MBA by FIA (SP), acted as Sales & Application Manager at ABB Power Systems. 10 years experience with Protection Systems and 10 years experience with HV Substations.

Evandro Idalgo

Graduated in Electrical Engineering by Universidade Federal de Itajubá (MG) PMP e MBA in Finance by INSPER (SP), acted as Operation Manager, up to SAM regional VP of Power System at ABB. 20 years experience with HV Substations.

Fabrício Bruschi

Fabrício Bruschi
Graduated in Electrical Engineering by FEI (SP), post graduated in Finance by INSPER (SP). 18 years experience at ABB, acting as Sales Manager in Power Generation and in Substations, as well as General Manager of Industrial Substations and Service.

Pierre Marinho

Graduated in Accounting by Mackenzie, MBA in Controlling by FIPECAFI (FEA-USP) and Master in Economy by EESP (FGV-SP). 15 Years experience in Project controlling, acted as Controlling Mgr. in different units at ABB.

Roberto Maciel

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering by Universidade Federal de Itajubá (MG), MBA by Indiana University (USA). Worked at GE for 5 years and at ABB for 15 years, acting as PM, Operation Manager, and Project Director in Power Systems EPC.

Wiringhton Cristal

Graduated in Civil Engineering by FUMEC (MG), post graduated in HSE by FEI (SP) & MBA by FGV (SP). Worked for 15 years as Site Manager of OHTLs and SSs (with ~1 thousand workers) & managed the design and construction department for 5 years at ABB.

Integrated Management System ENIND

Operational Excellence Certification (ISO 9001), H&S (OHSAS 18001) e Environment (ISO 14001)


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